Specialised Treatments
Chamberlain Aesthetics
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Belinda Done, a registered Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, holds regular clinics at Silhouette.

Free and confidential consultations are available for:

A treatment that is used to eliminate thread veins from the legs and face. A fine needle is inserted into the vein and an injection of sclerosing agent is administered. After a series of treatments, the capillary walls shrink together and the vessel will close down.
Anti Wrinkle Injections
A treatment to soften lines of expressions such as crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines. Can also relieve migraines and tension headaches and excessive sweating of armpits.
Sculptra provides natural looking results by stimulating your own skins collagen production. Studies have shown it to last for more than 3 years. Suitable for deep folds from nose to mouth, sunken cheeks, wrinkles in the cheeks and deep scars.
Medical Peels
Jessner's peels help to smooth and rejuvenate sun damage, pigmentation, acne and wrinkles.
Dermal Fillers

Fine lines, wrinkles and folds are filled and corrected i.e. wrinkles between nose and mouth, eyebrows, crows feet etc. Also lips can become fuller and more defined and facial contours can be enhanced.


Thread Face Lifting
Vampire Face Lift
Lip Enhancement
And Much More....

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Clare Anne

Tel: 07884036613

Facebook/Instagram: @clareannebeauty

Clare holds regular clinics on Saturdays at Silhouette. All appointments are to be booked directly through Clare, using her mobile number or contacting her via Facebook/Instagram. Free and confidential consultations are available over the phone.

Fill in those gaps and create the most natural looking, semi permanent, hair stroke brows. With a few carefully microbladed hair strokes you can add shape and volume to any eyebrow. Sometimes it’s not down to over plucking, sometimes they just don’t grow the way we would like, hormones and pulling at the brows when stressed can all contribute. Microblading adds the hairs where they don’t grow; giving shape, definition and fullness.
Botched Ink Treatment
A specialised treatment to correct and remove bad or unwanted microblading and permanent makeup.
Derma Planing Facial
Uses a surgical scalpel to remove up to 4 weeks worth of dead skin and fine vellus hair. Leaving the skin brighter, smoother, glowing and allows for deeper product absorption. Immediate results are visible and your makeup glides on making it smooth and flawless.
Mesogold (Skin Needling and Mesotherapy Facial)
The A list facial that is a real alternative to Botox and Fillers. A tailored cocktail of vitamins and minerals are delivered deep into the dermal layer of the skin via the sterile gold needles within the Mesotherapy needling stamp. This isn't painful! This facial hydrates, smoothes, tightens pores, fades pigmentation, firms, stimulates collagen and helps problematic skins. This is a particularly good treatment after Derma Planing.